•World's first totally portable baby formula maker.

•Prepares fresh and warm baby formula in less than 10 seconds! •Perfect temperature formula every time

•Clever design keeps formula dry until feeding time

•Intelligent heating control heats & keeps water at 37°C

•LED lights tell you when the water is warm and ready

•Easy to use, easy to clean

•Fresh formula means no nutrient loss

•Travel Friendly Heat-on-the-go Sleepy Bottle baby formula heater Perfect temperature formula every time. Just twist & shake when baby wakes.


TRAVEL FRIENDLY: Portable- heats on the go.

CLEVER DESIGN: Keeps formula dry until feeding time.

INTELLIGENT HEATING CONTROL: Heats & keeps water at 37°C.

Fresh formula means no nutrient loss.

Easy to use - easy to clean.

Led lights tell you when the water is warm and ready.

Sleepy Bottle